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Break the Myth of Austerity End the economically illiterate and socially unjust “Austerity” policy of public spending cuts, and scrap so-called “efficiency savings" and “cost improvement programmes”.


Improve and modernise the NHS within the framework of its core founding principles and the funding needed to satisfy them. We do not need to hand it to the corporate industries to improve our public health system.


Maximise the ability of a renationalised NHS to limit, research and control the power of the pharmaceutical industry, basing financing of drugs on fair value not large profits.


IN SUMMARY: The restoration of a publicly funded, run, managed and provided National Health Service with adequate funding is the only hope our country has for a caring, suppportive society in which we can all share.



An unincorporated association.              

We are all volunteers. We are entirely funded by public donations

We are not affiliated to any organisation or political party.

We are a cross party/no party group  




Co-Chairs: Steven Carne, Jo Ritson

Secretary: Karen Howell

Acting Treasurer : Steven Carne


Associated Committee Members

Andrea English, C. Hyde


999 Call for a ReNationalised NHS

It's the only way it can be saved.


A National Health Service that puts the patient before profit.  


Scrap Integrated Care Systems and stop the introduction of the American Accountable Care Organisation model of healthcare  through the Sustainability & Transformation Partnerships.


Restore a fully democratic & publicly accountable NHS stopping and reversing the dismantling of the NHS due to marketisation & privatisation. A fully renationalised NHS that is publicly owned, funded, run and provided . Remove NHS ENGLAND from the equation. And remove the internal competitive market from the NHS - that "experiment" has failed us.


Pass an updated NHS Reinstatement Bill that restores the NHS as a comprehensive, universal #NHS4ALL - properly publicly funded, free of all privatisation and marketisation and directly accountable to the Secretary of State for Health with a duty to provide and promote its services.


Restore the much needed NHS and other Dept.of Health funding that allows the public NHS to meet its core founding principles.


Fund social care on the same basis as the NHS, bring it into public ownership, management and provision and make it free at the point of clinical need in the same way as the NHS


Complete write-off of all NHS Organisations' deficits AND Dept. of Health Debts that they have been coerced into over the last decade - due to government underfunding hospitals have been forced to borrow from the Department of Health in order to pay staff & suppliers. 


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Demand a FULL public consultation

on all NHS Integrated Care Systems 5 Year Operational Plans (2019-24).


These are another set of 5 Yr Plans

that all Sustainability &Transformation Partnerships/Integrated Care Systems must make under direction from NHS ENGLAND.


These are to be sent in draft to NHS England by 27 September and publish by 15 December 2019

999 Call for the NHS on Facebook
999 Call for the NHS on Facebook

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The NHS needs all of us - campaigners who are passionate about the future of our children &  grandchildren.

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