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Currently the reshaping of our NHS  is being spun as something great - "Integrated Care".  


Wherever you see or hear this phrase you know you are dealing with CUTS - restricted treatments, centralisation of hospitals, downgrades and mergers and the shrinking of the "NHS Menu" of comprehensive healthcare.

We are grateful to all those who have travelled with us over the last six years.

We urge you to keep fighting with us and other campaign groups across the country.

Both local and national.  

2021 - Integrated Care the USA Danger

Here is an excellent article by Caroline Molloy, a long term NHS Campaigner and researcher who has uncovered many dark truths over the years. Click on the story to read (new tab will open).

Never Waste a Disaster...

This Summer we are facing a government who seem hell-bent on pushing through  parliamentary legislation designed to legitimise what they have already done - break up and smash the NHS into 42 fragments. They call it  ‘Integrated Care Systems’ and will be made "NEW NHS BODIES" if the legislation is allowed to go through.  


On the surface the spin of  ‘new statutory NHS bodies’  is that they are wonderful collaborations between NHS, Local Authorities and Charities etc. but the underlying agenda is to create the mechanism for more private company control and management of our public service, staff and hospitals.


Global corporate firms such as United Health of America and their UK subsidiary Optum have near-monopoly influence in the Health Support Services (HSSF) which is the official list of approved suppliers for backroom, IT and Transformational services.


Integrated Care Systems are moulded on the poorly rated American 'Accountable Care Organisation' model which has evolved in the USA as part of the 100% privatised health market. And MPs on both sides of the house seem oblivious!


American Accountable Care (Integrated Care in UK) has no place in our NHS.  Please take a few minutes to explore this page. We think the links are worthwhile and will help understand the situation so you can tell others.


More info video

Please share this video with friends and colleagues.


You can also share the video to your MP and ask them if they understand what "Integrated Care" really means. As the video says - many MPs are clueless as the reality of what is under their noses. Yet they are about to vote on it this April.


Ask your MP to think about the nation's greatest institution, an institution that once made this nation a well-respected global leader in healthcare. Are we really willing to put it into the hands of USA Corporations only interested in profit?


Find your MP by clicking the logo on the right.

US companies poised to run NHS...

Calderdale & Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS is a vital resource of information and up to date news about the shortcomings of the NHS Management Board - NHS England. Based in West Yorkshire what happens locally there is often reflected nationally in your area.


Read this article about Integrated Care: American health insurance and digital technology companies are poised to take up near-monopoly positions running the NHS, once its fragmentation into up to 42 so-called Integrated Care Systems is cemented by proposed legislation that would take effect from April 2022.


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Thanks for getting this far. We need more of the public to see the truth. As the hope of vaccines offers a light at the end of the tunnel in 2021 it is vital we remember the truth about the mis-management of the pandemic by a greedy, corrupt and inept government throughout 2020 and ongoing.


That is why this winter we are running a project aimed at welcoming more people on board and following the idea that the most powerful thing we can do in times of crisis is tell people exactly what is going on...


Click on the image to go to THREADS OF SURVIVAL and our latest campaign project...

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Threads of Survival

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In such troubling times we are advising people to OPTOUT their personal patient information from being 'trawled' by the government for a new central database - the purpose of which is still not clear, breaks all the ethical standards of the NHS and takes away YOUR rights to YOUR DATA.


CLICK The OPTOUT Image to go to the simple 2 step process to protect your personal patient information.

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