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8th July 2021




As the Government commit themselves to a highly damaging piece of NHS legislation, the Health & Care Bill 2021, concocted by the now shamed former Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, we write to express our deep concerns and total opposition to its presentation to Parliament.


Even before Covid19 struck, the public were becoming more aware of restrictions to care, closures of hospitals due to the implementation of US Style Integrated Care Systems (ICS) based on the flawed  ‘Accountable Care Organisation’ model.


This US profit model, co-designed with the likes of consultants McKinsey, and involving US insurance companies such as United Health, Centene and Palantir,  needs the NHS in England to be broken up into 42 ‘localised’ ICS.


The Bill seeks to cement this American model within our NHS and politicians must examine the evidence and afford the public a full, open and honest debate.


Putting ICS in place relies heavily on pushing more services into the community and the promotion of the NHS as a charity plus shrinking the menu of NHS treatments available, in order to make profits for the private companies who can and will be sitting on the boards of a local ICS.


Those needing treatment will experience a true healthcare postcode lottery, and a two-tier system where care will depend on ability to pay. If passed the Bill will make a mockery of the public’s love for the NHS, as shown by public clapping during the pandemic.  


If passed, the Bill signals the end of our National Health Service as a public service of comprehensive healthcare for everyone regardless of ability to pay.


That cannot be allowed to happen.


The public need to be fully informed of the the Government's intentions.

Please write to your MP and demand they take action to stop new legislation that is about embedding American and Global Corporations in positions of power within our NHS.


Feel free to add your name to this first open letter and also adapt it for your personal use to friends, colleagues and local media.

Please tell your MP to oppose this NHS BIll

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What is wrong with 'Integrated Care'?

We will be publishing fresh information about the NHS BIll contents as soon as our friends have had a chance to examine it properly.



In the meantime please visit these pages which will help you understand what we are up against.


You can read more about the damage Integrated Care Systems will do

here https://bit.ly/EasyResponse  (historical link but relevant)


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