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Renationalisation is a huge move. But it is the only move for us.


A fresh clean sweep of all the fragmented, complex and bureacratic business administration that has swamped our NHS since the 1980s.


The first thing we campaigners have to do is convince the politicians that the nation wants and deserves a fully nationalised health service. Not one plagued by American health companies and the likes of Richard branson putting profit before patient care.


That's why we are continuing to support the NHS (Reinstatement) BILL. It is the only piece of potential legislation in Parliament that openly states it seeks to reinstate the NHS back in to public hands - our hands, our goverment responsibilty, our funding.


And dont fall for the old argument:

"We cant afford another top-down reorganisation"


Ask any member of NHS Staff - from porters to nurses to consultants - they will tell you since the internal market culture came in there has been nothing but continual re (dis) organisation of the health service.


That's what the private sector does in order to gain control of a public service. It "transforms" it to what it needs it to be for THEIR purpose not OURS.


With the NHS about to be handed to private companies acting as Accountable Care Organsiations, Sytems & Partnerships

Four leading NHS campaign witnesses were called to give evidence about Accountable Care Organisations and Integrated Systems & Partnerships. But it seems the committee weren't that interested...


It's fascinating to watch members of the Health Select Committee time after time try to coerce Dr. Graham Winyard, Dr Colin Hutchinson, Dr Tony O'Sullivan and Professor Allyson Pollock into giving answers that will support the government line that Accountable Care is a positive thing and will improve our NHS in the 21st Century.


The witnesses are to be congratulated for their determination and skills in avoiding doing just that and providing some clear evidence as to why ACO, ACS, ACP, ICS, ICP - call them what you like - are NOT A GOOD IDEA.


For full 2hr 30mins video (you can scroll through) click the button.

What is the point of a Health Select Committee ?


We were under the misconception that Health Select Committees existed to research, investigate and scrutinise government policy in order to protect us the public from dangerous practice. But watching the video above it raises the question "what is this Health Select Committee doing?".


It appears that - apart from one MP Rosie Cooper who had serious doubts - the committee were simply toeing the line and promoting government policy of NHS cuts (demand management - rationed & denied care) and sneaky "transformation"

ie. skirting round or "workaround" of the current law.


The law still upholds the principle that all patients will receive the NHS treatment they need, regardless of social, economic and medical circumstances.  

Why does Sarah Wollaston want to "workaround" that?


Read the guidelines yourself and make your own mind up. We've highlighted a few points.


Long time campaigner

Dr Tony O'Sullivan who is

Co Chair of Keep Our NHS Public gives a full account of his experience dealing with the

Health Select Committee.


Our Steve gives his impression of just one aspect of a fascinating afternoon session with four NHS Defenders giving evidence as to why ACO/ACS/ICS/ICP are NOT A GOOD IDEA.


But it seems the Health Select Committee weren't that interested...

So what's the real story?

What is the point of Health Scrutiny?

The same question applies to local democracy as we see time and time again our local representatives fail in their duty to protect servies by asking proper questions and demanding answers that satisfy the need to see the NHS maintained as comprehensive healthcare service for all of us.


CHECKOUT your county council:

Health Scrutiny Committee

Adults Scrutiny Committee

Children & Young People Scrutiny Committee

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September 2018

We helped organise a meeting between MPs and campaign groups from around th  country to highlight the need for better scrutiny.



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