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Fighting to Save our NHS from profiteers

As always we remain fiercely independent and it's a matter of lobbying MPs, those new and already established, to understand that the country needs a nationalised public service NHS - as it was intended to be in 1948. It is has survived 69 years. And we have to fight now to ensure it carries on.


The current government are destroying the NHS

Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt have both been in recent talks with USA health companies. The American corporations are already in place and the move to take it will not be a complicated one as NHS England pushes ahead with its privatising Five Year Forward View and Sustainability & Transformation Plans.


All the main political parties have failed us

MPs, NHS England Board Members, Simon Stevens know we are onto them.

We see through their lies, their deliberate chaos and attempts to hoodwink the public.  They know they have failed us in their duty. But they don't seem to care.


Post election and we have to make them care. Write to your MP and let them know what you think their duty should be regarding the NHS.

So what now ?

Find out about the new march we are undertaking.


This time it's in the courts.


March with us again and help fightback



  Thinking beyond traditional old tired politics.

Two women who are brave enough to publicly speak out and reject their traditional political backgrounds because they feel so strongly about saving the NHS.


Tribal politics are being tested - especially now that the Conservatives are willing to do anything to force themselves intot a position of power.


We think there must be more people like Gloria and Alexandra who are doubting their lifelong allegiances just because that is what they have always done. We are at a time in our political history where we need everyone to examine their consciences.

There has never been a more important time to think intelligently about politics. We don't think it is going to be an easy solution to simply vote in the opposition.


But we do know that the NHS will not survive under another Austerity & Privatisation driven Conservative Government. That we can say. It's just the truth.

Meet Gloria & Alexandra



We've got a simple message for

all your parliamentary candidates.


We call on you as a Parliamentary Candidates to say no to Accountable Care Systems/Organisations in the NHS that would turn it into a version of the American Medicare/Medicaid system. 



Click on the link to find out more about the simple quick and easy steps you can take to help fight the Americanisation of our NHS.

Visit our page of news stories from the most recent campaigns.


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999 Call for the NHS on Facebook

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The NHS needs all of us - campaigners who are passionate about the future of our children &  grandchildren.

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