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I was one of the London crowd who, in the summer of 2014,  did the final little leg of 999 Call For The NHS’s 300-mile Jarrow March from Holborn to Trafalgar Square. Its amazing range of people of all ages and origins was an inspiration, full of vitality and celebration.


In her Trafalgar Square speech founder of 999 Call For The NHS Joanna Adams said “We bailed out the wrong people!”; and that the battle to save the NHS is also a battle to save "our Nation's soul". In her clearsighted vision she puts to shame the mealy-mouthings of so many politicians and their entourages.


999 are great upholders of the original vision of the NHS, born of the sacrifices of the War, of free and equal health care for all. It's a mirror to the best side of our nature, the social and compassionate rather than the predatory and self-serving.


The 999 Call For The NHS team are resolutely independent, an authentic grassroots campaign group unadulterated by party politics and determined to speak in their own voice and make it count. They should be heard as widely as possible.

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By Producer/Director John Furse



We'd like to thank John Furse and his colleagues who have supported the making MY NHS. They have put up with a lot!


If you want to find out more about the larger GROUNDSWELL project that John and his team are working on click on the link.

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Like many we had the familiar feeling that grassroots campaigners, so vital to the democratic process, are systematically ignored, diverted, subverted and discouraged. But the last General Election has seen a shift in public thinking that we believe is purely down to all the incredible grassroots groups across the country inspiring confidence in people to take an active part in politics once more.


It has not been an easy journey and we hope it allows the viewer to gulp a lung full of the sometimes thin, and foul air we campaigners have to work in - the hope, hurt, effort and disappointments we face, and the personal human cost to each of us, as we try to change the way things are.


MY NHS offers a brief glimpse into the lives of ordinary people putting themselves in extraordinary circumstances dealing with the media, politicians and taking on the might of the establishment that are letting this country down so badly.


Being recognised by the Whicker Foundation is an honour that all our supporters should share in. Thanks to the judges who felt our story was valid and worth sharing.


And thanks to all the campaigners around the country who fight on with us and continue to inspire us.



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NHS Detectives on the march
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By Steven Carne with 999 Call for the NHS

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We are all volunteers and there is no polite way to say it. We now need some money to help make 999 a effective success.


Please think about donating. No matter how big or small the amount every penny will go towards the Campaign

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If you would like to screen the film as part of an event you can download a full size file from the VIMEO page. If you would like to have a speaker from the 999 Call for the NHS network please get in touch with us. We have campaigner colleagues all around the country.


Thanks to all our friends, colleagues and supporters.

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