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February/March 2019 - URGENT BUSINESS

Make An Urgent  Call for #NHS4All

Jeremy Corbyn, Jon Ashworth, NIck Brown (Party Whip) and other 53 other Opposition MPs have sponsored a Prayer Motion (National Health Service EDM #2103) that calls for the annulment of a Statutory Instrument - the device used by the Dept. of Health to

sneak through secondary legislation - with fingers crossed no one would notice.

Well we did.


Jeremy Corbyn's Prayer Motion now has Parliamentary time on


Monday 18th March, 2.30pm  PARLIAMENT CALENDAR


We now need to make sure Opposition MPs attend in person and vote to annul Statutory Instrument 2019 No.248 Amendments to Integrated Care Regulations.


Please write to your MP and ask them to attend and VOTE TO ANNUL SI 2019 No.248


Below is a suggested email you can copy and paste. Be sure to sign your email with Address and Postcode so they understand this is a constituency matter as well as national issue. (MPs often find themselves unable to act unless it is a constituency matter).




Please call your MP's office and ask them to attend as a major priority.


A Prayer Motion is regarded by many as a waste of time. A piece of parliamentary ettiquette and a paper exercise only.


Well the Prayer Motion is "on the table"  and we hope that all our Opposition MPs will see the sense in this opportunity. Passing this Prayer Motion to annul the SI2019 No.248 will do TWO THINGS


1. Prevent (what we see) dangerous changes to the way in which GPs and Primary Care operates in the NHS. CHanges that will lead to yet more cuts and a two tier health system based on what you can afford.


2. Tells this Government and NHS England and all Quangos that major policy change cannot be sneakily hidden in secondary legislation documents with no MP debate or scrutiny.


Thanks to all the campaigners who have worked tirelessly to get 53 MPs to sign the prayer motion.


Now our task is to see our MPs attend and vote to annul.

Dear Labour Party Leadership Office


We welcome Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's Prayer Motion EDM #2103 to annul a piece of secondary legislation that seeks to substantively change the regulations underpinning the existing contractual arrangements for provision of NHS GP services.


Thanks to the PLP Liaison Officer who circulated a notice to MPs that they can and should support the EDM #2103. We are pleased to see the Prayer Motion now has parliamentary time on Monday 18th March. This is good news.


However, in order for EDM #2103 to succeed, we would ask the Liason Officer, or whoever is in a position of ability, to make a clear statement to the party MPs that they should attend the debate in suffucient numbers to pass EDM2103 and so annul the Statutory Instrument in question.


We are now concerned that without further practical action and planning on your part to make sure all Labour MPs understand their vital duty to pass EDM2103  the Prayer Motion will remain a symbolic paper gesture - and it will fail. The secondary legislation will pass into law. This is far too important an issue to let that happen.


According to parliamentary procedure this Prayer Motion is the only way to stop Statutory Instrument 2019 no 248, Amendments Relating to the Provision of Integrated Care Regulations 2019. Changes to the NHS must be openly debated and scrutinised by MPs. Not contained in documents that do not pass under parliamentary scrutiny.


It would enable new Integrated Care Providers (formerly called Accountable Care Organisations) to directly employ GPs, with the aim of delivering a whole range of hospital, primary care and community health services for a given area and its population in a way that would radically change patients’ (and GPs’) experience of the NHS.


Recent reports by the National Audit Office and the Nuffield Trust say there is no evidence that this would meet the intended aims of reducing costs and improving quality of patient care.


The Chair of the BMA has told GP members they 'should not feel pressured into entering an ICP contract as to do so could leave their patients worse off.'  We must take this seriously.


This is urgent. This is an opportunity. NHS campaigners across England will support this with concerted calls to their MPs to attend the debate on Monday18th March and pass EDM #2103.


We very much look forward to hearing you have told all Labour MPs that it is vital for them to attend the debate and vote to pass  EDM #2103.


We look forward to hearing from you.


The Open Letter that groups have signed and sent to  Corbyn's Office


999 Call for the NHS

Calderdale & Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS

Defend Our NHS Wirral

Is Anyone Listening Lincolnshire (Fighting for Scrutiny)

Support the NHS Halstead

Huddersfield Keep Our NHS Public

KOSHH - Keep Our St Helier Hospital

Greenwich KONP

Isle of Wight Save Our NHS

Kirklees NHS Support Group


38 Degrees Fulham Chelsea

Save our Hospitals

Hands off Hinchingbrooke

Dorset Eye

Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public

Waltham Forest Save Our NHS

City & Hackney Keep Our NHS Public

Holy Trinity Church

Defend the Whittington Coalition

Hants & IOW Defend The NHS

NHS/SOS St Helens and Whiston

Dewsbury NHS Campaign Group

Save Our Local Hospitals (SE London)

Dorset Against NHS Cuts

NHS Norfolk Action Group

Save MK Hospital

Hands Off Bedford Hospital

Defend Our NHS York

SOHS East Devon

Keep Our NHS Public Belper

SONIK (Kent)


Ealing Save Our NHS (ESON)

Norfolk Keep Our NHS Public

Leeds KONP

Bury Save Our Services Group


Camden Keep Our NHS Public


Bromley and Croydon Unite Community

Leeds Hospital Alert

Keep Peter Bruff Ward Open In Clacton

Essex Partnership Of Mental Health Allies

Mayday Self Help Groups

Save Our NHS Tendring District

North Dartmoor Health Initiative

Protect Chorley Hospital from Cuts & Privatisation

248 black hands PM UPDATE

Thanks to all Campaigners who have contacted their MPs to sign up to the Prayer Motion. So many groups are doing great work on their local issues that is difficult sometimes to focus on the national picture. Nor do we want to pull focus from local group action. That is also vital.


Fight Local Think National is still a good motto to work by.




Thanks from all the 999 Call for the NHS team

prayer motion upright


Steven Carne, Rachel Harley, Christine Lightbody,

F-Mary Simpson, Christine Hyde, Diana Davey,

Stephanie Clarke, Dede Wilson, Teresa Connolly,

Sandra McCullough, Lorna Mansfield, Paul Stevenson,

Rose Moss, Tim Florey, Diana Shelley, johnmc0001@blueyonder.co.uk, Linda Carver, Omer Esen, Christopher Heywood, Richard White, Dianne Palmer,

Carol Garforth, Eileen Johnston, Lisa Robinson, Richard Crook, Christina Kinsey, Frank Page, Susan Surgenor,

Ian Duckworth, John Paul Clover, Nirmal Pheasant,

Frank Harris, Lesle Digby, Thomas Young, Peter Sowerby,

Julie Beverly, Najmussahar Bangash, Sue Vaughan,

Alison Peace, Anthony Haslam, Lena Britton.Alastair Machin,

Andy Ward, Barrie Vince , Malcolm Law, Jude P, Paul Rechnitz,

Peter Walsh, Sue Dean, Chris East, S Slater, Alan Slater,

Helen Lote, Margaret Briggs, Anne Sadler, Harry Pritchard, Brenda Charlwood, Wendy Lowe, John Welsh,

Edmundo Jones, Nicola Snell, Roger Gartland, Jenny Shepherd, Sue Wellstood-Eason, Sarah Sharkey, Lynda Bobrow MBBCh, FRCPath, Aileen Hood, Bill Adnams, Tina Clayton,

Jennifer Travers, Amber Ravenscroft, Angela & David Plotel,

David Murray, Cheryl Davies, David Murray, Vaughan Melzer, Dale Aitken, Alan Jenner, Margaret and Peter Rayburn,

Mark Bebbington, Lynn Lovell, Richard Fielding,

Deborah Bradley, Rob Baker, Tooky Hallak, Frances Thorley, Mark Jones, Lucy Nevrkla, Samaher Sweity, Susan Lee,

Fred Sherwood, Kay and John Murphy, S. Wilkins,

Cate Nisbet, Lee Walker, Lauren Walker, Saul Richardson,

Neil Gavaghan, Derek Wright, Patricia Rhodes, Lesley Candal,

Peter Ruffell, Cecilia Duggan, Hilda Smith, John Puntis, Christine Joachim, Jill Malenoir, Kate Hyndley, Jenny Honeysett

Keith Walker, Paula Peters, Bronwen Holden, Roy Dobson, Paul Gambling, Rachael Sharples, Anne Iliffe,

Michael Johnstone, Karl M Figlio, Susan Richardson,

Claudine Williams, Carolynne Cotton, Aileen Hood,

Etienne de Villiers, Zoe Axtell, Fiona Dent (Runnymede Borough Council Labour), Rachel Harley, Royal College of Nursing, Carl Sutton, Neil McCart

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