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Author Allyson Pollock explains the NHS scandal

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999 is run by volunteers and there is no polite way to say it. We need  money to help keep the campaign going. May 8th the fight must go on.

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A Bill we have to promote

Talking with people on the streets we know there is a huge amount of support, love and passion for the NHS. Politicians must not be allowed to ignore the importance of a democratically administered and owned NHS in our society. Please urge all your friends, family to write to their MPs and let them know about the NHS BILL 2015


Thank you.

Together we are strong.


Names of people who supported the NHS BILL open letter.


Alan Bennett           Author

Joanna Adams        999 Call For The NHS

Prof. Wendy Savage     President,  KONP

Natalie Bennett       Leader, Green Party

Clive Peedell            Co-Leader, NHAP

Marcus Chown      Author & broadcaster

Lord Melvyn Bragg    Author & broadcaster

Sir Richard Eyre   Film, TV, theatre director

Craig Farlow           ‘300-miler’, People’s March

Lady Joan Bakewell      Broadcaster & Writer

Dr David Wrigley      GP and writer

Dr Eric Watts      Chair, Doctors for the NHS

Lady Helena Kennedy     Barrister

Ken Loach             Filmmaker

Peter Pinkney    President, RMT Union

Dr Kate Hudson      General Secretary, CND

John Hilary         Executive Director, War on Want

Linda Kaucher       StopTTIP

Caroline Molloy   Editor, OurNHS openDemocracy

Prof Rajan Madhok     Retired NHS Med Director,

John McCarthy         Writer & broadcaster

Sir Jonathan Miller   Theatre & opera director

Annie Rothenstein  Artist

Stephen Frears       Film Director

Nigel Williams          Author, playwright

Nicholas Wright       Playwright

Glen Baxter              Artist

Armando Iannucci   TV/radio writer, director

Prof. Sue Richards      Co-Chair, KONP

Dr Paul Evans   Director, NHS Support Federation

Dr Ron Singer       Chair, Doctors’ section of Unite

Peter Roderick    Barrister, drafter of NHS Bill

Hugh Hudson           Film director

Julian Barnes           Author

Dr Tony O’Sullivan   Lewisham consultant

Dr Louise Irvine   Chair, Save Lewisham Hospital

Dr Peter Fisher      President, Doctors for the NHS

Prof. Allyson Pollock   Public Health Research 

William Boyd             Author

Roger Graef           TV/film producer & director

Earl of Harewood     Film & theatre producer

Christine Hyde         Retired, ‘300-miler’ *

Dr Coral Jones       GP Hackney & TTIP activist

Sienna Miller                Actor

Michael Morpurgo Writer, Farms for City Children

Clare Morpurgo       Farms for City Children

Lord David Owen     Former Health Minister

Alexandra Pringle      Bloomsbury Publishing

Jonathan Pryce          Acto

Sir Steven Redgrave   5-times Olympic Gold

Clive Stafford Smith Human rights lawyer

Rick Stroud               Author & film director

Dr Richard Fielding    Medical psychologist

Dr Kambiz Boom'  East London Medical Committee

Dr Charles Webster     Official historian of the NHS

Fiona Duby      International health & development

Prof. Chris Readman    Prof. of obstetric medicine

Dr Patrick French              Doctors For The NHS

Dr Jackie Applebee        GP, Chair Tower Hamlets

Dr Naureen Bhatti       GP, Limehouse Researcher

Annie Smedley               Senior OT, NHS

Dr Hermione Roy        Consultant child  psychiatrist

Shirley Franklin      Defend Whittington Hospital

Dr Robert Delamont    Consultant neurologist

Anita Nuckhir              Biomedical scientist

Jacqueline Gruhn      commissioner, adult care

Dr Richard alshaw       Scientist

Carolyn Heads        Quality & HR manager

Ben Clements    Community mental health nurse

Paul Hardman           Paramedic

Alun Hamnett     Senior technical officer

Jean Hay-Burns     Psychotherapist

Dr Wendy Geraghty Lead , Lewisham CAMHS

Sandra Carey                          Midwife

Dr Bridget Innes                   Out-of-hours GP

Dr Alan Lawlor                      Chemist

Ben Judd    Team manager, AWP NHS Trust

Dr Katherine Oliver      General manager

Joe Finlayson       Community mental health nurse

Dr Helen Salisbury   GP

Dr Anna Livingstone CCG clinical lead Tower Hamlets



More to follow...


Find your name if you signed the letter. Share it with friends. The Bill gets its 2nd Reading on March 11th 2016.



On March 11 the NHS (Reinstatement) Bill 2015 was presented in Parliament with cross-party support. Its policies would comprehensively reinstate the NHS throughout England.


The Bill’s policies restore the Secretary of State for Health's duty to provide universal listed health services throughout England based on people's needs and not their ability to pay.


The Bill abolishes the expensive internal and external market, stops the break up of the NHS and returns the NHS to public control and accountability. This is vital to protect the NHS from EU trade treaties and others in the pipeline like TTIP.


The Bill ends the high costs to the NHS of PFI schemes. By making PFI debts a Treasury responsibility it removes the exorbitant costs of PFI from the NHS and enables the State to negotiate restoration of PFI services and assets into public ownership.


The British Medical Association, representing 150,000 doctors, has stated publicly that their members want a publicly funded and publicly provided national health service. It supports the principles behind the legislation which the NHS (Reinstatement) Bill proposes.


Many MP’s and PPC’s and some political parties now support the Bill www.nhsbill2015.org/our-supporters


We call on the public to support the NHS Bill 2015 and to ensure that their parliamentary MPs now commit to supporting the reinstatement of the NHS through the Bill and to ensuring it is in the first Queen's speech after the Election.


And it was signed by 1000's of us

Check if your name is now listed on the PUBLIC SUPPORT CALL. CLick on the megaphone.

Please note this letter is now an historical item. But we are keeping it because it shows the huge amount of support that exists for the NHS BILL which aims to return the NHS to the public - as intended when it was created. It is worth remembering.

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